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The title of the deviation really is really known for the character, so Silver himself is easily to recognize in the deviation from the...

Rouge Chibi (lineless) by Bluewolf135

This is absolutely beautiful. Even without lines. It has beautiful color and it is drawn perfectly as well. It has its own style of lin...



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Me and My Baby by BunnyBennett

Me and My Baby

by BunnyBennett

What's your favorite Foxy ship? 

13 deviants said Foxy X Chica
11 deviants said Foxy X Mangle
8 deviants said All of them
7 deviants said I don't ship Foxy with anyone
5 deviants said Foxy X Bonnie
1 deviant said Foxy X Mike Schmidt
1 deviant said Foxy X Toy Chica
1 deviant said Foxy X Toy Bonnie
No deviants said Foxy X Freddy
No deviants said Foxy X Toy Freddy
Let's be honest,

This show was shitty.

Most of the character's heads are either too big or their bodies were too small. Hands bent in weird ways at times and the animation was pretty off in most scenes. The characters constantly overuse the word "awesome", even a bit too much for even though it is the main topic in the show.

But I still love it.

I must admit, I've never been a fan of CGI. I rather prefer animated works or of stop motion, but Computer Generated Images are pretty alright with some shows/movies. Mostly movies because I've very rarely seen any good CGI TV shows. And, yes, I'm looking at you, new children's shows.

But Rated A for Awesome(I'm going to use the term "RAFA") was pretty...exceptional. Its characters are pretty unique and some of the episode ideas are clever, in a way.

But the reason I still love this show is because of this guy:

Nom by rainbowthefox

He's mainly the only reason I ever watch the show. RAFA got deleted off of Disney XD for awhile now, but I still have around 18 episodes of it recorded on my TV. I remember deleting some in the past and I kind of regret it now since they're kind of worth something at this point.

But, anyway, this guy is Noam. The show is about a group of pre-teens that "awesome-ize" everyday, boring things/ideas to help entertain those who have to go through it. Like, in one episode, they "awesome-ized" Mondays. They usually do it to some of their own, everyday problems and share it with the town/city they live in. But they do try to help out others; even the rich kids that are, technically, bullies to them.

But, anyway, they "awesome-ize" stuff. And by "awesome-ize", it usually means that they enhance the quality of it or just change it so it seems...well, awesome. They're pretty known for doing it around the town so no one ever seems to question it. They even ran a celebration for their town's...200th anniversary, I think?

The pre-teens in the group are: Thera, Les, Noam, Lars, and of a pet monkey named Mr. Twitchy. What's pretty ironic is that Les' last name is "Awesome" while it's Thera's second one. I guess that's where they got the idea to "awesome-ize" stuff??? I dunno???

Thera's the only female in the group and seems to be talented in a lot of things. She, generally, finds compromises for the team if they ever get stuck and uses her talented abilities as an advantage within certain situations. (Dancing, soccer, skateboarding...) Lars is the one that usually dresses in drag and uses disguises when he needs to. He's talented with acting and singing and uses those to his abilities as well. Les is the leader and the shortest of the group. He doesn't really have any talents but keeps track of their awesome-izations and is usually the one that comes up with ideas for them. (He also has the most problems the team have to "awesome-ize".) Mr. Twitchy just records the ideas for the awesome-izations and is...really just a monkey.

And, as in the picture shown above, there's Noam. He's pretty much the geek/nerd of the group that's obsessed with science and can pretty much build anything he wants to. Without him, the team wouldn't really be able to do anything. He rocks at playing the guitar and just pretty much has that "I don't care about shit" attitude. I mean, have you seen him??? xD He always has this expression: -_-

Oh, and he's the tallest of the group. I guess it's why I like him; his height. I have a thing for tall dudes. His voice is also...pretty attractive, if you ask me. I really don't know why he gets bullied. He's cute.

Ooh, but lordie. There's another reason I watch this show:

10954886 576945919109491 820176742 N by rainbowthefox

OTP (Thera X Noam)

It is pretty much canon in the show, revealing that Noam will be her future date to the prom in high school...But they also have plenty of moments in the show. Some that are hidden that I've seen; constantly fangirling over...And I can't help myself. I fucking love pairings. And these two are no exception.

Even though I've pretty much seen all the episodes....I love re-watching scenes between them. It's cute. The first time I've seen this show, it was around midnight and I just randomly stumbled upon it. Watched it and decided it was worth getting into, so that's where I recorded it. I then stumbled upon the episode "Awesome Ride", which introduced me to this pairing...

The episode is where a skateboarding competition is taking place and Thera's pretty going to win it...But she ends up getting a crush on Ned Falcon, some apparent hot guy that's just as good as her at skateboarding...Her crush on him distracts her from practicing, so the team decides to use her feelings for him as an advantage. Noam invented a skateboarding helmet that transferred her "positive feelings" (quoted by him, huehuhue) for Ned and transferred it to her skateboard that guided her through riding it.

Well, turned out Ned ended up getting both of them after flirting with Thera, whom had given it to him out of the heat of the moment. She then realized how much of a jerk he was(as most "hot" dudes are), and she couldn't get back her helmet and skateboard since she already gave it to him. Turned out Ned loved himself just as much as she did, which powered up the helmet since it was directed for romantic feelings towards hims. So his skateboarding skills improved dramatically whenever he fell in love with the sight of himself.

Gotta' tell you, the show doesn't lack logic when dealing with this kind of shit.

I didn't really pay attention on Noam's part during the episode, but, looking back on it....You can tell he already liked her. Once Thera got pissed at Ned and talked to the team about it, saying she didn't ever wanting to step foot on that board again so long as Ned was all over it, Les mentioned that without the helmet and board, she couldn't win. And then Noam mentioned about the board not working any so long as she was TRULY over him. Once she said that she was, he had this....Oh god xD This look....But he was clearly glad; let's just say that.

At the end of the episode, Noam ended up tinkering with the helmet so that it was connected to his guitar and of his romantic feelings towards someone. So he would have epic guitar skills once it was triggered by his crush. And, when Thera comes in to thank him while he's wearing the helmet, she then hugs him and..woop, the guitar gets triggered.

Started shipping it hard ever since then. Don't regret it; it's canon. Just hasn't...happened yet.

The show got removed from Disney XD, so it's pretty much a lost show that barely went on for a year. Doesn't air anymore, either. Barely anyone I've met has heard of it and you can't really figure out what it was unless you meet a person that knows it. I haven't seen a lot of Youtube vids showing episodes, so you may not have a lot of luck there.

I was such an obsessive nerd with this back in 2013. I made a "Rated A for Awesome" information sheet, which got seen by over 600 people...Obsessed with it over in comments when talking with someone who knew it and even tried writing a fanfiction for it at some point. I also posted a journal about it as a conversation starter, but didn't talk to any people about it....

Honestly, the show was awful. Anyone can understand why it was removed. I just think the characters and some ideas are worthwhile. RAFA would've been so much better if it was animated; not with CGI...

Might write a fanfiction for it in the future. It may not get any attention, but why not? I do love this show.

If you'd like to know anything about it, lemme' know in the comments. Might get you familiar with it if/when I write a fanfiction for it...

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Hello, there! I am rainbowthefox, as on many other sites as well. (Tumblr, Wattpad...) I am an agender whose residence is currently in the United States, California. I am also seem to have a lot of male friends and just gets along with them better than females. I identify as an Aromantic and Asexual individual(Currently). I am one of the young artists on dA, so forgive me if I have a lot of flaws in my work!

I am a writer and is more focused on writing in the Fan Fiction category. I do it on various subjects, like: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Five Nights at Freddy's, etc. I have been writing ever since I joined dA, which would make, currently, 3 years now! I have also been drawing, and have been dramatically improving. I still am, and I try to draw at least 1 drawing per week! I draw more traditional arts, and have gotten used to it than of making digital arts.

I am very friendly, and do not be afraid to talk to me! I can get acquainted or befriend you! Who knows? As long as you respect my: religion, opinions, orientations, etc., I will respect yours and of yourself. I am quiet, shy, and well-mannered in real life, but do not let that fool you. I do a lot on this account.

My favorite band is Steam Powered Giraffe and my favorite authors are R.L. Stine and Dr. Suess. I also love and admire Tim Burton, which I am not quite sure to consider as. Director? Writer? I'll figure it out, eventually. My favorite singer is David Michael Bennett, who plays as a character named "The Spine" in my favorite band. My favorite color is black while my least favorite is yellow.

My favorite TV shows are: Raising Hope, The Nanny, and a lot of others. My favorite song is Me and My Baby by Steam Powered Giraffe, as it ties with Little Red Ridinghood by Cartoons DK. I have plenty of favorites in many things, and feel free to ask if you're interested!

I am Christian, and I have interest in a lot of things. I have a morbid-ish interest in human skeletons and love them very deeply, as with other death-looking things. I am in many fandoms and make a lot of fan art. I am just a progressing artist, and I sure hope it lands me somewhere well in the future! Wish me luck!

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My Name:
C= You are really silly. (Figures)
A=Easy to fall in love with. (I hope so)
I=You are popular with all types of people. (I'm shy, but alright)
T=You are very loyal to the ones you love (Heck yeah.)
L=Unbelievably great in bed. (....)
Y=Best Boy/Girl anyone can ask for. (I know right?)
N=Best kisser ever. (Hope so.)


"Sanity is just a dividing line between a Man's imagination and reality."

"You know, sometimes words can hurt, actions can hurt, and sometimes both actions and words hurt. But yet it involves an action to put out words."

"You are needed to make expectations expected and to expect the unexpected, even if it's expected to be unexpected, but expected the unexpected anyway because you suspected it."

"When you're trapped, it only takes yourself to set you free."

"We all suffer. No matter how happy we may appear to be, everyone is dying on the inside. But it's our choice to spring back alive and await for it to try again, or to be held in death's hands by having our suffering lead us to it."

"Straight people are not better than gay people; gay people are not better than straight people. Men are not better than women; women are not better than men. We fight for equality, not dominance."

"I think that one of the most saddest things in life has to be when the one person you expect to love you doesn't. And then you get the impression that the whole world feels the same and you start to lose love for yourself. And, after everything goes wrong, you'll realize that the people who truly love you are the ones that you had least expected to."


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